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A truly sweet heat, this at once harkens the tropical island feel and the delectable spiciness of Jamaican Jerk cuisine.  A combination of coconut sugar and hot spices, this is that just-right blend for a cookout filled with an abundance of authentic Caribbean flavor.

Uses: Make any dish, from pork, to chicken, to shrimp and fish, dance with the mouthwatering jerk flavors of Jamaica.  Mix into your burger patties and serve with grilled hot peppers and mango chutney.



(Rub) Caribbean Jerk

  • Ingredients

    Coconut sugar, unrefined sea salt, black pepper, chile pepper, paprika, onion, herbs & spices

  • Ingredients

    Unrefined sea salt, coconut sugar, paprika, black pepper, guajillo chiles, allspice, oregano, cinnamon, onion, mace, clove, thyme

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