Fragrant, malty & cream with notes of dried herbs and pine nut. This is an extremely early harvest example from Greece, harvested in early November, this variety matures slowly and is typically collected in late December through January. 


Ingredients: Ingredients: 100% Ultra Premium Olive Oil (Greece)


*Biophenols: 272.3 ppm
*Oleic Acid: 75.9
*DAGs: 93.3
*FFA: 0.28

*Squalene: 4,590.8 ppm
*Peroxide: 5.6
*PPP: <1.0 

*A-Tocophenoils 238.5

Crush Date: November 2019 *As measured at the time of crush
*As measured at the time of crush



Athinolia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mild Intensity (Greece)


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