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Have you ever wondered why we always have pumpkins around us during thanksgiving as a decoration or as part of a meal? Well let me start off explaining what pumpkins really symbolize. Pumpkins are used on two different occasions, Halloween and Thanksgiving. As you know Pumpkins on Halloween are used to carve out those funny faces that we all like so much and displayed on the front porches of everyone's houses. Pumpkins on Halloween normally symbolize more of a darker meaning, we even call it a different name such as the Jack-O-Lantern.

As I mentioned earlier pumpkins are also used on Thanksgiving and it is that time of year again. Now pumpkins on Thanksgiving symbolize more of a happier and uplifting meaning compared to Halloween. Pumpkins mean new life within us, within our family and friends. Basically to me that means just a new beginning and starting over fresh. Did you know that pumpkins also represent strength? Well they do and all because of the farmers who worked on the field back in the days and still do to grow pumpkins. It also represents the fun memories of child hood and going to the pumpkin patches just to find the right looking pumpkin. It also becomes a tradition that gets passed on between generations. Did you also know that because of the way pumpkins grow and how they have to share nutrients amongst itself, they also represent prosperity, growth and abundance.


"... Daria came across the pumpkin idea while shopping. She found a fabric pumpkin with a crude , natural stem and knew that it could be turned into something very special. She began to play with the idea of selling some of her crafts to friends and family. This would allow her to stay home with the kids and earn a little money. The community quickly supported the idea and the “home shows” began. She grins and shakes her head modestly “It kind of just evolved. I’m constantly amazed by how far we’ve come. I never set out to be a business owner, I just wanted to create beautiful things.”

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