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As we know Christmas is right around the corner and of course its time to get everyone together around the table. We all have our normal traditions that we do every year, but have you thought about doing something a little different or adding on to your regular tradition? No well maybe you should. About a year ago a new trend officially started called Friendsgiving which is a blend between friend and thanksgiving. Friendsgiving is normally celebrated the weekend before Thanksgiving or the weekend after. Honestly there isn't really a particular rule on when to celebrate Friendsgiving. Actually the good thing about it, is that you can bend the rules a bit compared to the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions, which I'm not surprised about considering the fact that us millennials came up with Friendsgiving. This new trend became even more popular around 2015 because it became more useful to a lot of individuals for a variety of reasons. Nowadays not everyone live near their family or are able to travel to them so having holidays surrounded by friends help sort of feel that void of loneliness. This trend is becoming the new way to celebrate around the world. You may even what to give it a try this weekend or closer to Christmas!

What to bring:

Unlike Thanksgiving where most of the time one or two people cook for the whole family, Friendsgiving has more of a potluck theme to it where everyone one brings something to the table. See below for some examples of those dishes.

Honey Glazed Ribs

Cranberry Pesto Goat Cheese Crostini

Dark Chocolate Orange Cake

Click here to view the recipes and B&V products used

Ways to celebrate this year:

What can we really say about 2020? I know we can say this year has taught us life is way to short and anything can happen. It's no longer a surprise COVID continues to change our lives. This pandemic affected our jobs and just how we live on a daily basis. Not being able see some of our near and dear neighbors, friends and family proves to still be challenging. So, since we are on the topic of Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving and even Christmas we've thought of creative ways to celebrate with our loved ones and wanted to share them with you:


The most popular way to celebrate the holidays this year is virtually which means over Facetime, Zoom or just simply over a phone call. Don't know how this would work? Well let me explain. One of my friends recently celebrated a virtual birthday party where she decorated her room with a birthday banner and music. Then about 30 people joined her zoom call with their own decorations and birthday hats. So this can be done with Thanksgiving or Christmas as well. Each person can decorate their surroundings and set the table while watching their loved ones do the same. You can even watch each other cook in the kitchen with beautiful holiday music playing the background. When its time to eat you can prop your phone or laptop up somewhere and still sit at the table and eat with each other. It still makes a way for everyone to sort of be together and not alone.


Celebrating the holidays virtually doesn't work for everyone which I understand. You rather see your family and friends in person instead of over a screen. Well the CDC has come up with a a few ways where you can still do that but still remaining safe. The first way is by celebrating thanksgiving outside, maybe in on your patio or backyard. The reason why they suggest celebrating outdoors compared to indoors is because there is poorer ventilation. If you take a look at the picture above, they set the dinner table outside with some gorgeous lights and decorations.


All hope is not lost for a Friendsgiving meal indoors but you'll have to follow certain rules. You have to make sure you limit the number of people you have at your gathering. Normally they recommend no more then 10 people in one room. Also our gatherings can go for hours but this year we have to do it differently by cutting the time in half. Its also best to invite family or friends that are local instead of out of town because that will lessen the risk of being exposed to Covid. I'm sure you saw this coming, but of course you have to still wear your mask other then when your eating just to stay on the safe side of things. As you can see we can all still enjoy the holidays and celebrate together we just have to be creative this year.

Lastly, before closing out this blog we wanted to say, to you, our B&V Family and Friends Happy Friendsgiving and Happy Holidays! As well as, share somethings we are Thankful for this year-

"I'm thankful for our United States military personnel"-Christine

"I'm thankful for my family and friends"-Rainie

"I'm thankful for good health, good friends, my family, and crisp fall weather"-Riley

" I'm thankful for a large and loving Family and that Covid hasn't touched any of us. Also that we all remained employed when so many others have lost their jobs. God is faithful"-Frankie

"I'm thankful for so many things but I'm most thankful for my close and supportive family and that we are all in good health (knock on wood)" -Lorri

"I'm thankful for everyone and everything in my life"-Monica

"I'm thankful and blessed to be in good health. I'm thankful for an amazing team that helps me be creative, inspiring and grounded. I'm also thankful for every opportunity that is presented to me and that I've taken advantage of this year! I thank God for keeping us in his graces and blessings"-Tia

"I have a lot to be thankful for. I am healthy, happy and I am loved"-Cindy

"I'm thankful to have a loving family and good health"-Sandra

"I'm thankful for graduating this year and starting my life as an adult"-Santana


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