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November is upon us! That means harvest season is here.

Enjoy bountiful stone fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables during their peak season.

The month of November is days away. During harvest season, we enjoy chrysanthemums, beautiful colors, pumpkins, and gourds. A bountiful of stone fruits, grains and vegetables make their way to our dinner tables. We discover, share and use fresh, healthy recipes. This is also a time when we tend to gather around those tables to enjoy good food and company. With all of the extra food and recipes, we can also easily consume 3,000 or more calories in one sitting.

As we enter the holiday season we are also entering the time when many awareness events take place-Diabetes Awareness, National Healthy Skin Month, and Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month to name a few. If we keep a focus on consuming more fresh vegetables and less processed snacks that tend to be higher in sodium content and lacking any nutritional value, we can ensure more sensible eating. Begin making vegetables and lean protein the focus of your meal. Visit us to enhance flavors! Our Gremolata Chicken Salad will definitely provide you with a boost of delicious flavors that will tantalize your taste buds while providing you with essential vegetables and lean protein! Gather your ingredients, make one today and gather around the tables to enjoy great food and company!

Gremolata Chicken Salad

8 chicken breast cutlets

1/4 cup B&V Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil

1 lemon cut in 8 pieces

Salt & pepper

12 cups young greens (arugula, kale, spinach, etc.)

1 head radicchio, shredded

1 package grape tomatoes

1/4 cup chopped parsley

2 tbsp. chopped mint


3 Tbsp. B&V Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil

1 Tbsp. lemon juice

1 Garlic Clove, grated

1 tsp Dijon mustard

Sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

Marinate chicken in a zip-lock bag with 1/4 cup Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil, lemon cut in 8 pieces and a sprinkle of salt and pepper (up to 4 hours in the fridge). Saute the chicken in a little olive oil until done. When cool cut in long slices. Place greens, radicchio, tomatoes, parsley and mint in a large bowl and toss. Make vinaigrette by shaking the oil, lemon juice, garlic, mustard and seasonings together in a jar. Toss the vinaigrette with the salad. Place chicken on top and serve. Top with Walnuts is desired.


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