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2020 Branch & Vine Healthier Living Challenge Weekly Meal Plan for February 24th-March 1st

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Last week the meal plan was a success for our Healthier Living Challenge. All of the meals were refreshing, flavorful and left us feeling content, rather than still hungry or craving more. Now, this is a lifestyle I can get used to! We ate a variety of vegetables, lots of whole grain, salmon, chicken, beans, cheese, and turkey! This week our menu consists of Easy Shrimp Paella, a Pesto Yogurt dip for snacking with veggies, Mediterranean Chickpea Tuna Pita and Broiled Salmon with an Herb Mustard Glaze! If that doesn't sound tempting enough, we are also having Creamy Carrot and Herb Linguine. Delightful! I almost can not wait for each meal!

Who would have thought that healthier living could be so enjoyable!


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